Sånne som oss

Alle menneske har potensiale til å utføre vonde handlingar. I saka om IS-kvinnene oppfører me oss som om noko anna er tilfellet.

This photo released by Amnesty International on Tuesday, April 18, 2018 shows 33-year-old mother of six, Zahra, outside a tent used for cooking inside in Salamiya camp for internally displaced people where she and her family have lived for 7 months. Originally from Shwra, south of Mosul, she and her family moved to Mosul three years ago after her husband joined ISIS, working with the group as a cook. He was killed by an airstrike in June 2017. Amnesty says its report details the predicament of thousands of female-led families left to fend for themselves in displaced camps after male family members were killed, arbitrarily arrested or forcibly disappeared. (Claire Thomas/Amnesty International via AP)


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