Ferdigretten din kan være halalkjøtt

Uten at du vet det risikerer du å spise kjøtt fra religiøst slaktede dyr som ikke bedøves før de slaktes.

Ritually slaughtered lamb is delivered at a halal butcher shop on the market in The Hague, Netherlands, Tuesday Dec. 13, 2011. Political support for a ban on the ritual slaughter of animals without stunning them first, as required by centuries-old Jewish and Muslim dietary traditions, has weakened as the Dutch senate debates the legislation Tuesday. The ban proposed by an animal rights party and widely endorsed by Dutch voters passed parliament's lower house by a 116-30 margin in June. But after an international outcry by religious groups, several political parties said Tuesday they were reconsidering their positions, citing concerns about whether the ban would violate constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

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