LHBT-frie soner i Polen: Norge strupte pengesekken. Da var det noen som snudde

POLEN: Han protesterte mot «homofrie» byer i Polen. Nå bruker han høsten på å møte i rettssaker, og takker Norge for at de kuttet pengestøtte.

FILE - In this Jan. 24, 2020 file photo, Bart Staszewski, an LGBT activist, holds up a sign he uses to protest anti-LGBT resolutions, in Warsaw, Poland. The European Parliament is due to debate a resolution that would symbolically declare the entire 27-member European Union to be a “freedom zone” for LGBT people. The resolution comes largely in reaction to developments over the past two years in Poland, where many local communities have adopted largely resolutions declaring themselves to be free of what Polish conservative authorities have controversially dubbed “LGBT ideology.” (AP Photo/ Przemys?aw Stefaniak, File)

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