A vote for Trump is a vote for life

Is Donald Trump perfect? Heck no. But the last four years have shown he is fully prolife, defends religious liberties and freedom of speech.

Janne Myrdal

Senator in North-Dakota

As a public servant, - currently serve as State Senator in North Dakota, I am often asked if my Christian faith influences me in my position. Does it dictate how I vote in the Senate? Does it guide my service? Is it appropriate in the public square to speak of and be guided by faith?

The short and simple answer is YES!

Faith is part of my life

I once answered this question in a public forum when I first ran for public office like this; - do you leave your kidneys at home when you go to work every day? Of course, we don't and my faith in Christ and His redemption is so fundamental to me that I would never leave it out of any part of my life.

Having said that I ask the reader not to assume it means I carry the Bible onto the Senate floor and read scriptures when I present legislation. Also, many if not most of the legislative issues we deal with like roadways, infrastructure and grain and oil production do not have basic Christian beliefs as a main foundation, yet some fundamental ones do like life, liberty, religious freedom, education and the biblical institution of marriage.

Manipulated to lock their faith up in a closet

The important thing to know about the American Constitution is that it was founded on Judeo Christian Principles. The American Declaration of Independence crucial section is well known: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Despite of this historical fact many on the Left in politics today, as well as progressive denominations, are trying to re write that part of our history. Write the Christian God out of all public life, though strangely not any other religions get the same animosity. Christians are being manipulated to lock their faith up in a closet before entering the public square of serving, including nurses, teachers, photographers and politicians.

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Seperation of church and state?

That was never the intent of the Founders and never should be accepted. There is in America a false knowledge that has for decades permeated the conscience of Americans, that somewhere it says in the Founding Documents that we shall have separation of church and state. It has reached courts as high as the Supreme Court and seems to have overwhelmed the public conscience to the point of full acceptance.

However, that phrase is nowhere in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence! It is a phrase taken from a letter Thomas Jefferson, a founding father, wrote to a pastor who was concerned that the State would established or sanction a State Religion, say like the Statskirke in Norway or the Anglican Church of England, something the early immigrants to America were fleeing.

Sad to see how Christians cower and shy away

Understanding the history, I have described above is important for religious liberty, not just here in America but also in Norway where the Constitution is the closest to the American constitution anywhere in the world that I know. It is indeed sad to see across the western world including America and Norway, where we are so blessed, that Christians have cowered and shied away from their duty to be salt on earth, not just in Church but in all arenas of the public square. There is no such thing as separation from areas of your life as far as your redemptive faith goes. Do we dictate to others what to believe? Certainly not, but do we hang our faith on a knob in our hallways before going out? Absolutely not.

Trump is not perfect

As I write this the US Presidential election, and my own reelection, is looming and issues like right to life for the unborn should be fundamental for Christians as they vote! Do denying it, it is the red line in the sand.

Is this President or any before him perfect? Heck no, but the last four years have shown he is fully prolife, defends religious liberties and freedom of speech. Poverty levels have decreased as the economy has boomed (pre Covid), our borders are more secure and trade deals are being signed helping American families and workers.

Is Trump the biblical choice and does he espouse full biblical values? Of course not. Yet in America today we are seeing the gap between the Republican and the Democrat party widen greatly. In my view mostly due to how the Democratic party has gone farther left on most issues. This should cause a problematic situation for Christian voters in that the democratic platform supports abortion with NO restrictions, meaning through ninth month and even beyond, - again the obvious red line in the sand for a believer.

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A huge split between Republican and Democrat voters

So, we now most certainly have a huge split between Republican and Democrat voters, something that is not necessarily unhealthy in my estimation. I am not saying we do not work together because we certainly do even though the media seems to hammer the falsehood that we do not. I work with my Democrat colleagues on numerous issues, but is the gap wider than before? Absolutely. And it should be if we stay faithful to our Christian faith on many fundamental issues.

It is noteworthy however to know that here in the United States the Christian faith is more common if you will than in Norway, - or rather it is a part of the culture more so than how it is in Norway. It is much easier to hold a label of Christian here and therefore important to distinguish between church goers and Christians. This could be a whole article of its' own but has a huge effect on this discussion.

Faith matters when you vote

I have said recently that it would be very hard if not impossible to align Christian faith with voting for the Democrat platform with its' disdain for the sanctity of life.

A factor for the Christian voter should always be what the Party Platform stands for and not being focused on personalities. I would assert our Christian faith should compel us to look at fundamental biblical values like LIFE and look at the fruit of leaders and thus vote accordingly. Likability of personalities should never guide our votes or Christian outreach, - it surely did not our Lord's outreach.

Truth matters, - Life matters and yes, your Christian faith matters when you vote. It matters when I vote in the Senate and that will never change.

The article is also translated to Norwegian: «En stemme for Trump er en stemme for livet»


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Janne Myrdal

  • Senator in North Dakota since 2016 and farmer.
  • Myrdal is originally from Norway. She grew up in Skien, but moved to USA when she was 20 years old.
  • Myrdal is a member of the Republican Party
  • Running for re-election this year
  • She considers herself an evangelical Christian



Christians voters in USA

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