Finding Love in Quarantine’ - a love movie in lockdown

In times of appropriate distance, visiting bubbles and elbow greetings, finding a new love is a challenge.

Let alone make a movie about it. Actor and screenwriter David AR White (known for God’s Not Dead and Jerusalem Countdown, among others) and director Matt Shapira took up the challenge with their latest film ‘Finding Love in Quarantine’. And did this with great success. Even without meeting the protagonists, they managed to record a compelling and romantic story. Finding Love in Quarantine can now be seen on New Faith Network.

The film Finding Love in Quarantine tells the story of Rick (David AR White), who finds himself in the familiar situation of problems at work, home schooling and running a household during a global pandemic. The death of Rick’s wife left him the widow and single father of young daughter Gracie. And this dire situation ensures that their bond is put to the test. In an effort to save his job, Rick decides to run online sales webinars and regains not only his mental health, but the opportunity to fall in love again. He develops an unexpected and special bond with Amber, a viewer of his webinars.

It started as a joke

Matt Shapira and David AR White are good friends who met years ago through their work in the film industry. Like the rest of the world, they were both at home in quarantine in the spring. They called each other and tried to understand the situation. Both friends were out of work at the time and laughingly said ‘say, shouldn’t we just make a movie now?’ What started as a joke became reality. In an interview with Pure Flix, Shapira says’ There were actually no limits. All we had to take into account was proper distance, our safety and being respectful to the people we want to represent, such as health care workers, teachers and parents. ' Finding Love in Quarantine, he says, is not only about being in quarantine, but also about being in quarantinelife . In addition to finding love, the renewed connection between family members also plays an important role. With the film, Shapira hopes to creatively capture a special era that we can look back on years later.

Say, shouldn’t we just make a movie now?

—  Matt Shapira

Corona-proof recordings

But how were Shapira and White able to shoot an entire movie in such a short time - and in a safe way - in times like these? Actress Eva LaRue, who plays Amber, says David AR White called her in early May. “He asked if I was interested in a role for a movie with a very minimal crew, where everyone did their corona tests and you mostly only work with one other actress,” says LaRue. During filming, LaRue was in one house with actress Stacey Dash. While David filmed AR White with his daughter - both in real life and in the film - in another house.

About the other roles Shapira says: ‘In the story we see how Gracie, like many other children now, should receive online math lessons. I asked an actress I know to play the role of a teacher and record herself.special effect team in the UK. “It’s great that we are at home here and at the same time have a global team of great people who are part of this process. And that is perhaps the best part of this whole film. ' White adds:

“With this film we want to create an everyday story that takes place in current times and that inspires, entertains and encourages people.”

—  David AR White

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